Kevin W.
"I've worked with Andrew for years now, and throughout that time he has been a critically important part of the growth of my company. This is entirely due to Andrew's consistent approach to his work.
You won't find a marketing professional, particularly in the area of managing paid search campaigns, who is more meticulous, comprehensive in his methods or dedicated to delivering the best possible services to his clients.
I would recommend anyone who is considering Andrew as a new team member to give him the most serious consideration. He's among the best I've ever worked with." - Kevin W.

"We entrusted Foster Ideas with our biggest annual promotion. Andrew was the lead on a national campaign that involved Google re-marketing and a number of social platforms. These channels were our main source of promotion and it was essential that our message hit the right audience at the right time. 
Andrew educated us on best practices, fully implemented the multi channel campaign and hit every deadline. The turnaround was impressive and much appreciated. 
The campaign was a success as we sold more tickets online than we ever had before. It also was a success in the sense that we now have benchmark data to help determine the best channels, timing of ad spend and necessary budget. 
Andrew was a pleasure to work with and we'll continue to work with Foster Ideas in the future." - John P.

"Andrew has consistently grown our traffic in a cost effective manner...some via search optimization, some via website redesign to improve our conversion rate, among others.
He is smart team player committed to excellence and a pleasure to work with." - Lee P.

"I quickly noticed that he took on challenges in a way that acknowledged the urgency of the situation while at the same time maintaining calm. He demonstrated a mastery of juggling multiple priorities at once, and for accomplishing his work in a gracious and very timely manner. 
Andrew’s interest in learning and growing are genuine, and his capacity for seeking out and implementing feedback are among his many strengths. Overall, the manner in which he works inspires confidence. I found Andrew to be a joy to work with and I highly recommend him." - Molly C.

"Andrew displays tremendous professionalism in any given situation, and always goes above and beyond the parameters of his assigned role. His strong work ethic exemplifies integrity and the desire to achieve the best results possible. 
He adds value to every project, and engages with strong strategic thinking and organization skills. He quickly earns the respect of clients and colleagues alike. I highly recommend Andrew and know he would be a strong attribute to any organization." - Thomas W.

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