Areas Of Expertise

Comprehensive Audits

Foster Ideas offers comprehensive audits of Google AdWords campaigns and demand generation funnels. This is more than a free audit offered by a competitor. Free audits are are simply sales pitches in disguise. We'll empower you with actionable next steps and a how-to guide for implementing our recommendations.

One- And Two-Hour Hangouts

One or two hours to ask Andrew Foster any digital marketing questions.  We most frequently get asked which digital marketing platforms are right to focus on and which should be avoided, given a client's specific needs. A conversation with a seasoned digital marketer with an MBA can save thousands of dollars in the long-run.


Retained Services

Step 1:  Education

A free consultation is something we offer to everyone we speak with. Whether we discuss the basics of digital marketing or start laying out particular goals, we love sharing our knowledge. Even if we don’t end up working together, we’re more than happy to educate, empower and get you in touch with one of our many colleagues that fit your particular needs. No matter what, we want you to come away from the consultation enlightened and with a clear direction of what to do next.

Step 2:  Short-term Engagement

If your goals and our expertise do align, we’ll begin a 90 day working interview to refine your objectives, benchmark key performance indicators and implement a strategy. This short-term campaign works perfectly with mid-size businesses, enterprise organizations looking for a project-based contractor or interim SEM Manager, and for local businesses testing the waters with Google AdWords or paid Facebook campaigns.

Most importantly, you own all the data we collect, key learnings we find, accounts we create and fully formed advertising campaigns. So whether you utilize us further or not, you’ll be set up for success.

Step 3:  Long-term Engagement

Creating successful profit-driven advertising campaigns is like carving a statue out of marble. After the 90 day short-term engagement, most clients can begin to see touches of the final product, but it’s not a fully formed work of art yet. During the subsequent long-term engagement, we optimize the campaigns in order to create the most profit possible and show just how far we can go together.


White Label Service

Are you an established agency looking for talent certified in Google AdWords or Facebook Ads? Foster Ideas provides Atlanta-based contractors at discounted rates. It's your choice whether to disclose the subcontracting relationship to your clients.

Affiliate Program

When our friends and associates refer us, it's the highest compliment we can hope to receive. Freelancers and boutique agencies are encouraged to apply for our referral program, which offers rewards for spreading the word about our work.

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