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A Restaurant Chain's Record Breaking Weekend: Higher Profits and Happy Clients

Businesses know that they have to utilize digital marketing to survive, but there’s absolutely no margin for error when it comes to investing in the right partner or services. Even when the audience is there, a lot of businesses aren’t quite sure how best to reach them while still growing their customer base. That was the case with a restaurant chain (which we’ll refer to as RC) selling tickets to a major holiday event held across 13 locations in one weekend. 
They had a loyal following. They wanted new customers. Previously, RC mixed traditional and digital media but didn’t know what was working where. So how do they decide where to spend their ad dollars, expand the audience at each event and grow the profit margin for every ticket sold? With so much riding on just a few days of sales, worry was starting to set in.

As always, Foster Ideas had a plan. With our goals in front of us, we matched customer demographics with ad channel demographics, then prioritized channels and allocated the budget. Highly engaging ads were created and optimized to drive ticket purchases. Of course, we wanted to be able to back up performance with facts, so a tracking system was set up to determine the most profitable channels. Just like that, we had benchmarks for future events and could accurately show how their budget was being put to good use.
We also created custom audiences using Facebook and Google Analytics to entice loyal customers to invite friends and expand our reach. Plus, targeted ads based on proximity to restaurants and time of day helped boost conversion rates.

The result was staggering, with the event boasting the highest attendance ever and a profit margin of 249% per ticket. 

And as much as we love seeing the numbers that back up our methods, we also love hearing how our work impacts our clients and eases their minds. In this case, they said: 

“Andrew was the lead on a national campaign that involved Google re-marketing and a number of social platforms. Andrew educated us on best practices, fully implemented the multi channel campaign and hit every deadline. The turnaround was impressive and much appreciated. Andrew was a pleasure to work with and we'll continue to work with Foster Ideas in the future.”

Higher profits and happy clients. It’s like music to our ears.