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How We Helped a Home Services Startup Compete Against Established Corporations -- And Turn a Profit

Home is where the heart is, right? It’s also where millions of ad dollars are spent by tons of big home service companies, all competing for the same attention. So what’s our client, a determined home services startup, to do? They have to advertise online to drum up new projects, but the margin for error is microscopic.

Foster Ideas knew we had to hit the nail on the head with every strategic execution so the client’s business could grow in spite of competition with huge budgets. That meant starting with Google AdWords. A search engine that would generate the most sales leads, combined with a budget that wouldn’t break the bank and we were off and running.

Next came the perfect supplemental sources for sales leads. Lead generation was boosted by more than 20% thanks to targeted display campaigns and Gmail ads. And it was all aided by a remarketing strategy that captured value from users that didn’t make the jump to sales leads after a visit to the client’s site.

We had our base. Profit margins were looking good. So we let the budget relax a little until we could finally eliminate all the constraints and let sales flow with the seasonality of the business. Before we knew it, we were capturing all possible sales leads.

Using Think With Google’s profit-driven marketing methodology, we could optimize the advertising efforts for total profit. If the budget went up, we were sure the increase in sales warranted it. Ultimately, we were able to grow the client’s monthly ad spend budget from $0 to $100,000 and monthly revenue grew to more than $200,000. We generated consistent sales leads year-round and helped a startup face off against the big boys.

“I’ve worked with Foster Ideas for years now, and throughout that time they and Google have been critically important to the growth of my company,” said our client. “You won't find a marketing firm, particularly in the area of managing paid search campaigns, which is more meticulous, comprehensive in methodology or dedicated to delivering the best possible services to their clients.” Now that’s what we call success.