#SEMPO Chat: Voice Search

I had the pleasure of recapping the recent SEMPO chat about voice search. Check out what industry experts, Eric Enge, Pete Francis, and Christi Olsen have to say about the future of search.

Andrew Foster
Andrew is a brilliant digital marketing strategist. 

He brings a refreshing combination of up-to-date knowledge of current trends, along with a pragmatic, common sense style that is very refreshing.

I couldn't endorse him higher.

-Steve G., CEO/Founder at CompetitorPro

TestimonialsAndrew Foster
Graduating From The United Way VIP Program
United Way VIP graduating class of Spring 2017!

United Way VIP graduating class of Spring 2017!

United Way’s VIP is a 10-week, 40-hour training program offered in spring, summer and fall. It is designed to develop and enhance leadership skills and increase diverse volunteer participation in nonprofit board and leadership positions in Greater Atlanta. VIP gives participants the tools to serve as effective board members of local nonprofit agencies. Workshops include fundraising, strategic planning, marketing, and financial and legal decision making.

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Andrew brings a wealth of digital marketing knowledge to his projects and clients. He delivers timely results with a focus on driving profit via paid and organic search strategies.

-Brian D., Search Marketing Analyst

We hired Andrew as a contractor for a few months while we were busy growing the company and in search of talent. During that time, he was able to quickly ramp up and help us with several key paid search campaigns and initiatives. Andrew was a wonderful partner to Relevance Advisors as he was highly efficient, proactive, inquisitive, and knowledgeable and I would highly recommend him to anyone in need of SEM talent.

-Clint S., Digital Marketing Leader

Andrew is a very knowledgeable and capable marketing professional. He ensures his clients' objectives are clearly defined, works quickly, communicates promptly, and his analytical data-based approach is ideal for companies looking to maximize their ROI.

-Andrew E., Co-Founder at Unbrokerage, Inc.

Andrew is a skilled search specialist whose knowledge of AdWords seems boundless. I worked with him when our company needed a specialist to handle our clients' paid search accounts, and he did a wonderful job not only overseeing 'evergreen' campaigns, but also recommending and implementing new and innovative targets and tactics as well. He also kept us in the know about new opportunities available to us in paid search. I would definitely recommend Andrew to anyone looking for a seasoned and enthusiastic AdWords specialist who is committed to truly moving the needle for your business!

Erin M., Digital Strategist | Product Marketer | Developer

I worked with Andrew for nearly 2 years now and I found him to excel at what he does. He is very knowledgeable when it comes to managing paid advertising campaigns, has brought incredible value to our shared client he served, he thinks outside of the box and is creative in his approach to optimizing and growing marketing campaigns. Professional, involved, responsive, a pleasure to work with!

Florin I., Lead Software Developer, Freelancer

TestimonialsAndrew Foster
Andrew is such an expert when it comes to Google AdWords. Passionate and dedicated, he dives right into your metrics and finds way to maximize your account with higher revenue and lower cost. Such a pleasure working along with him.

Brandon M., Customer Acquisition Manager at NFHS Network

TestimonialsAndrew Foster