Andrew Foster

Customer Acquisition and SEM Consultant

Andrew Foster

I have 10+ years experience in marketing and digital platforms and an MBA from GA Tech.  I'm an independent marketing consultant specializing in lead generation.  I've personally managed over $10 million in ad spend and have generated half-a-million sales leads (and growing!).

I’ve never used the GPS in my car, because I have something much better.

I’ll tell you the most efficient route to take more reliably than the GPS.  I’ll A/B test routes, control for time of day and weather patterns, and even use queuing theory to tell you which lane on Peachtree Road is the fastest.  I missed my calling as an Uber driver.  But technology has allowed me to focus on my passion – marketing – quantify it, and make it as efficient as possible.

I’m a new school marketer.  I believe in operating the marketing function as a fully accountable business.  Revenue from my marketing campaigns well exceeds cost. 

I specialize in lead generation using search engine marketing (SEM).  I lead small businesses' and startups' lead generation campaigns from strategy to execution.  I specialize in Google AdWords and Bing Ads as well as paid social media on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.   

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